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Cream Massage Hyderabad

What is Cream Massage

For most types of massage therapies, it is a necessity to have a favorite oil, lotion, gel, butter or cream on hand to deliver a quality, effective, relaxing experience. Massage cream acts as a lubricant letting the massage therapist's hand glide effortlessly over the client's skin.

  • Cream Massage Benefits

    Moisturises- This is the best thing that a cream massage does. When you get a facial massage with lots of cream for about 10-15 minutes then all the skin cells on the face gets hydrated or moisturised. And as the massage is done quite for long hence the moisture in the cream penetrated deep into your skin layers and remains for long. This makes your skin soft for days.

    Wrinkles- A nice facial massage with cream reduces the fine lines or wrinkles on your face. This is one of the many benefits of a massage on face. Wrinkles appear on the face only when the skin loosens up due to age or other factors. The wrinkles get reduced after a cream massage as the skin gets tightens after a massage. This is one of the reasons why all beauticians advice a cream massage at least once a month after you cross 25 years.

    Glow- You must have noticed that in almost all the beauty salons they give you a cream massage on face after a facial treatment. This is because one of the massage benefits is that it adds a shine or glow to your facial skin. This is because of the fact that after a long cream massage on face all the rough skin cells get smoothened out. Hence the skin starts glowing and you look more beautiful and gorgeous.

    Blood Circulation- A massage on face, benefits the skin as it increases the blood flow. An increased blood flow in the skin cells of the face means a healthier skin that is less prone to pimples and pigmentation. And a pimple free smooth skin looks more beautiful and attractive.

    Cheek Bones- Did you know that a massage helps define the very structure of the face. You must have noticed that while an expert massages your face they lift the cheek bones and the sides of the nose upwards. This they do at regular intervals while massaging. It is kind of facial exercise that gives better shape to your face by lifting the cheek and the nasal bones. All these are the benefits of a cream massage. So, if you want to get all the benefits of it, go for a massage at least once a month

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